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3D ROBOT Fiber laser cutting machine

3D robot fiber laser cutting system, the arm length can reach to 1800mm * 3200mm. The cutting head has a high-precision follow-up system to ensure that the nozzle is consistent with the cutting height. It can cut multi-angle and multi-directional of sheet metal with different thicknesses.


Stable and reliable light path system and control system;

Imported original fiber laser generator with great and stable performance, lifespan is over 100,000 hours;

High cutting quality and efficiency with cutting speed up to 25m / min and beautiful, smooth cutting edge.

1. FANUC m-20ia
FANUC ROBOT M-20iA is a cable-built multifunctional 6-axis ROBOT with the highest performance in its series. The high strength arm and the first end servo technology can effectively improve the speed and acceleration performance. It will reduce more than 15% operation time, achieving the highest production capacity in the industry.

2. 3D laser head
Overall optimization of optical focusing system, modular design, slender nozzle to reduce workpiece interference, light weight, small size, reduce robot load requirements, improve cutting speed and quality.

3. Advanced
LMR three-dimensional multi-axis intelligent laser cutting equipment is composed of special optical fiber laser cutting head, high precision capacitive tracking system, optical fiber laser and industrial robot system. It is an advanced equipment for flexible cutting of metal sheets with different thicknesses from multiple angles and directions. LMR three-dimensional multi-axis intelligent laser cutting equipment is widely used in metal processing, mechanical manufacturing and automotive parts manufacturing, which have processing requirements for three-dimensional workpieces.

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