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Perfect intelligent laser cutting and welding workstation for after-sales service


The 3D robotic laser automation system SF-20RFLS integrates laser cutting, welding, cleaning and marking functions to help customers achieve flexible planning, production tracking and quality monitoring, which not only improves equipment utilization, but also reduces quality unqualified conditions. Manufacturing costs, reduced lead times, and intelligent and digital production.

  1. Using the FNUCM-20iA robot mechanism, the laser cutting, welding, cleaning, marking and processing systems are organically combined to realize the innovation of laser cutting, welding, cleaning, marking and processing systems, ensuring the stability of the working process and High precision.
  2. Compared with the traditional welding method, laser welding has the characteristics of high speed, deep welding depth and small deformation. The weld strength is higher than the workpiece itself, and the weld quality is stable.
  3. The combination of laser marking and robotic system will greatly expand the application range of laser marking. It can realize marking according to different workpieces and truly realize various functions.
  4. Combine laser cleaning with a robotic system to improve positioning accuracy and selectively clean according to customer needs.
  5. Customized workbench, customized workbench according to customer requirements, highly integrated PLC control system will provide customers with complete solutions, all control systems can be operated on the screen, easy to learn and operate.

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