Exhaust air duct machine


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 1) Air includes ventilation, such as air supply and exhaust, the range is very wide, such as workshops in factories, production sites need to be vented because the outside air, harmful gases, and need to be moved to the outside air in umbrella Then large and low-pressure air pipelines are needed, the most suitable threaded pipes use galvanized steel pipes, generally corrosive and wet stainless steel pipes.
2) to deliver cold air The most common is that the central air-conditioning duct must be added with insulation material.
3). Restaurants, hotel kitchens have a lot of smoke. It is necessary to exhaust using a round pipe, that is, a flue. Here is the threaded pipe. called the hood
4) Dust removal There are many factories in the large dust production workshop, it is necessary to use specialized dust removal equipment, where the air flow is larger, can be used in the spiral duct.
5) Bulk material transport in some factories, the production process needs to transport loose particles, especially the proportion of small, such as foam plastic particles, such as the use of low cost, good effect.


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